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Lethbridge & District Japanese Garden Society

Board of Directors

Dawn Sugimoto

Dawn Sugimoto


Chiye Kinjo

Vice President

Timothy Koba


Erin Crane

Erin Crane


Rick Williams

David Tanaka

David Tanaka

Gideon Fujiwara

Dr. Gideon Fujiwara

Janet Adachi-Elkjaer

Rob Janzen

Rachel Hopf

Dr. Carly Adams

Visitors who experience our world-class destination will be nurtured by the garden landscape, architecture, and programming, and be inspired by the beauty of our diverse community.

    • Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is the destination.
    • The Garden is unique and universal.
    • The Garden will be here as long as the city exists.
    • The Society is the appropriate steward to preserve and maintain the Garden.
    • The Garden represents the community that nurtures it.
    • We maintain a link to the past and a connection to the future.
    • We are the right people to tell the story.
    • Our programming and experiences provide good value for people wanting to return.
    • When people leave the Garden, they will be better and feel healthier than when they came in.

Through harmonious relationships, we grow and preserve the garden.

  • Lethbridge is celebrated and promoted through our work with local businesses and partners, and we are an integral part of a thriving community.
  • Community members steward the Garden through ever-increasing engagement and commitment that will ensure its preservation and growth.
  • Our community members and partners are enriched through the programs and experiences we deliver together.

EDUCATION: seicho 成⻑
People gain a deeper understanding, bridge cultural and generational divides, build an inclusive community, and we are inspired to share their knowledge with others.

  • People who visit us gain an increased understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and history and collaborations of the Nikkei community in Southern Alberta.
  • People who engage with our Garden experience diversity and inclusivity through bridges to connect with different cultures and generations.
  • People will have an increased understanding and appreciation for landscape architecture and horticulture.

DESTINATION: meisho 名所
Visitors from all over the world experience our unique Southern Alberta culture, energizing our local communities.

  • The Garden is the premier attraction and the main reason people visit Lethbridge.
  • Visiting our Garden is an essential tradition for our Lethbridge & District residents.
  • People are spiritually, mentally and physically healthier because of the social, cultural and horticultural connections and memories they make at the Garden.

Our Mission

The Lethbridge & District Japanese Garden Society, celebrates the influences of people of Japanese ancestry, narrating the history of this region through garden architecture, the natural environment, and the culture in Southern Alberta.

Tracy Dang
Tracy Dang
The garden is so beautiful… pictures taken on October 7th 🍁☀️
Carolyn S
Carolyn S
Lovely! We thoroughly enjoyed the tour by Chris. He is very knowledgeable and engaging with real life experience. The garden was spectacular. We learned interesting facts. Good history lessons as well.
Love the garden
Kelvin Kado
Kelvin Kado
laurie leonardo
laurie leonardo
Beautiful and peaceful!!
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