Yugi [Game] Mondays

Dates & Times:

September 12

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Learn about Japanese board games and other fun activities every Monday in the garden!

Stop by Nikka Yuko for Yugi [Game] Mondays and try a game of Go, Shogi, or Karuta with our hosts and hostesses! Other games and activities may be added. Game play is included with your admission to the garden.

Go is a strategy game with simple rules, but endless strategies. Previously thought to be unsolvable by a machine, Google has produced a program that is capable of beating reigning champions!

Shogi is Japanese chess. As is typical for Japan, they upped the ante and made it more complicated. We offer a range of board variations to cater to everyone from beginner to expert.

Karuta literally means "card" from the Portuguese word "carta". This particular game is a matching game. In Japan, this game would typically involve matching different ways of writing the same poem.