Lectio Divina (Reading Rumi or Teaching of Buddha)

Dates & Times:

August 22
Must be booked in advance

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A meditative and contemplative technique arising from the West, attributed most often to the Benedictine monastic tradition. It is a contemplation of a literary source, where one "enters" the words and discovers their meaning on a deep interior level. This technique can be practiced with poetry, scriptures, written wisdom of spiritual teachers, and even the lyrics of music.

Meditation Classes are available at either 9:30AM (please arrive at 9:15AM for registration) or 6PM (please arrive at 5:45PM for registration). Classes are $30 minutes in length and are $30 each, which includes admission to Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, bottled water on arrival, your meditation class with Aaron Roth, and a green tea following your class.