Have you ever wanted to brush up or expand your Japanese but never had the time? Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is now offering a 10-week Intermediate Level Japanese Language Class from October 6 to December 8!

This class builds on the previously offered 10-week Beginner Level Japanese Language Class. It is not required to have taken the Beginner Level to take the Intermediate Level, but students should have roughly the same prerequisite knowledge. This class is for those ages 12 and up, although it is geared to a high school/post-secondary level of student.

Fall 2022 Class - October 6 to December 8

Every Thursday from 6 to 7PM in the Bunka Centre
$100/person for 10 classes


An overview of lessons and applications that will be learned in our fall course:
  • Exchange greetings and farewells
  • Apologize and respond to apology
  • Express and respond to gratitude
  • Ask for and provide basic information
  • Respond to simple, predictable questions
  • Express a personal response and simple preferences
  • Inquire about and express likes and dislikes
  • Indicate basic needs and wants
  • Give and respond to simple oral instructions or command
  • Suggest a course of action, and respond to a suggestion
  • Address a new acquaintance, and introduce themselves
  • Exchange some basic personal information; e.g., name, age
  • Distinguish particular Japanese sounds
  • Recognize and pronounce most kana-based (moraic) sounds
  • Distinguish between formal and informal situationsAddress others appropriately
  • Recognize that some words are inappropriate in certain contexts
  • Understand and use some simple idiomatic expressions as set phrasesInitiate and respond to basic social interaction patterns; e.g., question–answer

Not ready to take an intermediate course? Join us every Sunday at Cleo's Cafe inside the Bunka Centre from 1 - 3PM for our Language Cafe! Learn Japanese phrases in a casual setting and share your knowledge of English with exchange students from Japan. There is no cost to participate in our Language Cafe. 

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