Learn Japanese this spring at Nikka Yuko! We're pleased to be offering a 10 week Beginner Japanese Language Class inside the beautiful Bunka Centre.

An overview of lessons that will be learned in our spring class:

  • Identify feelings
  • Exchange greetings and farewells
  • Apologize and respond to apology
  • Express and respond to gratitude
  • Distinguish particular Japanese sounds
  • Recognize and pronounce most kana-based (moraic) sounds
  • Distinguish between formal and informal situations
  • Address others appropriately
  • Recognize that some words are inappropriate in certain contexts
  • Understand and use some simple idiomatic expressions as set phrases


Spring 2022 Class - May 2 to July 4

Every Monday from 6 to 7PM in the Bunka Centre

Please note that due to the long weekend the May 23 class will be held on May 24 instead

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Members & Nikkei Cultural Society members will receive a 20% discount on classes. If you are a member, please call our main reception (403-328-3511) to register separately.


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