Experience Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden like a local with our Yukata Dressing Package!

Yukatas are a a light, casual kimono that originated in the bath houses and onsen [hot springs] as a form of dressing gown. Today, they are worn regularly in the summer by locals and tourists alike while visiting festivals, on holidays and relaxing at resort, in onsens, and of course while visiting a garden! The yukata is made from a light breathable cotton and is fitted with an obi [belt] to keep it in place. Yukatas can be worn by both women and men and the look is completed with a pair of geta or zori, which are types of sandals. Geta are flat wooden sandals raised on vertical slats while zori are a flat sandal similar to a flip-flop and made from rice straw or lacquered wood. 

Yukata Dressing is available during our summer season only on a first come, first serve basis and is an additional cost to your admission to the garden. Guests will receive one hour in their yukata, additional time can be purchased. Don't want to get fully dressed, but still want to take a photo in Japanese wear? Try our Happi Jackets instead!

Yukata Dressing Package

  • Available during summer season only (May 19 to end of September)
  • $30 for Yukata dressing (all ages)
  • $10 for Happi Jackets (all ages)
  • Guests will be asked to sign a credit card authorization for any damages or asked to pay a refundable $100 deposit using cash or debit card
  • Guests can enjoy their Yukata for two hours after being dressed
  • Yukatas are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, larger groups will take longer to dress
  • Available to rent at the Yanoshita Centre (smaller building on the left hand side of the pathway leading to the garden) 


  • Available on open public days during summer season only (Thursdays to Mondays, May 19 to end of September)
  • Yukatas are available on a first come, first serve basis. Check in at the Bunka Centre when you arrive.

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