Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is a quiet oasis, removed from the hustle and bustle of every day life. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with a sense of peace and relaxation when they tour the garden and leave feeling serene. Knowing what to expect before your visit will help provide you, and all our guests, with a beautiful experience while also protecting our carefully tended garden.

Garden Etiquette

  • Stay on approved pathways, please do not walk on ariso [flat rock] beaches near the streams and pond or climb trees
  • No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the garden
  • No pets, only trained service animals
  • No drone photography/filming at any time
  • Guests must remove their shoes or wear shoe covers when inside the tea pavilion to protect the floors
  • No outside food or drinks allowed inside the garden. We ask that no food or drinks, aside from bottled water, is brought into the tea pavilion
  • Please silence your cell phones and refrain from talking on them while in the garden. Take the time to unplug and relax!

Covid-19 Policies

  • Due to the recent update to both the provincial mask mandate and Lethbridge bylaw, masks are not mandatory as of July 1, 2021. Guests may still wear a mask out of comfort and we have disposable masks available for those who would like one. Nikka Yuko continues to monitor restrictions and will follow any guidelines as they are released.
  • We ask that all guests still maintain a distance of 6 feet from other groups, when possible. 
  • Our staff are working hard to keep the garden and its facilities safe and cleaned for our guests and may need to ask you to wait before entering the pavilion or Visitor Centre depending the current capacity. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and kindness towards our hosts and hostesses at this time. Harassment is not tolerated at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the flowers?
Our most asked question! Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is not a botanical garden and, like many traditional Japanese garden, does not have a year-round display of flowers. The colours of our garden varies with the seasons; our crabapple blossoms bloom in the spring, followed by our peonies inside the Prairie Garden, then a lush green garden during the summer before finishing with the beautiful red and gold maple leaves in autumn. These changes remind us that nothing is permanent and we invite you back throughout the seasons for a new experience each visit!

Can I bring my dog to Nikka Yuko?
While we certainly love all four-legged friends, we unfortunately do not allow any animals inside the garden with the exception of certified service animals. Service animals must be on a leash and are not allowed inside the pavilion due to the fragility of the floors.

Is the garden wheelchair/stroller accessible?
Yes! All our pathways are accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. We ask that you take care on the moon bridge by the bell as it is slightly steeper. A ramp is located off the pavilion deck for access. We ask that strollers remain outside the pavilion if possible. Please ask our hosts or hostesses for assistance with storing strollers while in the pavilion and for gaining access in your wheelchair.

Do you offer tours of the garden?
Yes! Our Nakama [Cohort] Package includes the option of a guided tour or a cultural activity. These must be booked in advance and are limited to household cohorts in groups of 4 to 10 at this time. All guests are given a comprehensive self-guided tour brochure that takes you through the garden and its history, or you can check out our online audio tour if you'd prefer to listen instead!

How should I dress?
There is no dress code at the garden, but all guests must be wearing a shirt and shoes. The garden is open rain or shine during the summer months, so dress comfortably. Umbrellas are available to borrow during your visit if it happens to rain.

Why do I have to take my shoes off in the pavilion?
Our tea pavilion floors are made from a beautiful aromatic yellow cypress wood. This is a very soft wood and scratches easily with any dirt or small rocks that may be on the bottom of your shoes. We ask that all guests remove their footwear at the door of the pavilion. You can leave your shoes on the pavilion deck while you tour the indoors. Take the opportunity to enjoy the soft wood under your feet! If you are unable to remove your shoes, or if you prefer to leave them on, we do offer shoe covers.

Can I take photos/do a photoshoot in the garden?
Guests are welcome to take as many non-professional/non-commercial photos as they like, provided they stay on the pathways and avoid blocking areas for other guests to move past. We ask you do not bring tripods, light stands, or anything that would obstruct pathways. Photoshoots must go through the garden and have to be booked separately, however you will be able to access off the path areas with the assistance of an accompanying host or hostess. Drones are not allowed at any time.  

Can I get married at Nikka Yuko?
Yes! Please see our Wedding Book for more information on hosting your special day at Nikka Yuko!

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