Celebrate the changing of seasons with Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden's Setsubun Matsuri (Festival)!

Setsubun is officially held on the day before the beginning of spring in Japan on February 3, as a celebration of the changing of seasons. There are many special rituals that Japanese people participate in, most popular is the throwing of roasted soybeans (called “fortune beans” or fuku mame) at someone dressed up as an Oni (demon or ogre) while yelling “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!”, meaning “Demons out! Good luck in!” This practice wards off evil spirits and brings in good luck for the new season. Then, as part of bringing luck in, it is customary to eat roasted soybeans, one for each year of one’s life and sometimes one more to bring in good luck for the year to come. Another tradition is eating eho-maki, a footlong uncut sushi roll, all at once while making a wish and facing the year’s lucky compass direction (in 2020 the direction is west-south-west).

Stay tuned for more information on our Setsubun Matsuri in 2021!

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