Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden; known for its tranquil beauty and peaceful serenity - until now! Experience the excitement of Japan’s oldest sport, right here in Lethbridge. Nikka Yuko is bringing the thrill of sumo wrestling to the garden in connection with the sumo tournaments in Japan. 

Think you have what it takes to be a sumo wrestler? Visit the garden each Sunday to try on a sumo suit and wrestle a worthy opponent right here in the garden from 1-4PM! This activity is included with admission and is open to all ages. Purchase admission in person at our Visitor's Centre prior to entering the main gates or through our website. 

Want more sumo? Join us for the Sumo Sumo Sunday evening event where you will learn about the history of sumo wrestling and the rules of the sport from local expert Tad Mitsui before watching sumo wrestling streamed from Japan on our big screen. Enjoy Japanese Asahi beer or sake, roasted soy nuts and other Japanese treats.  

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