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Cleo’s Café

Welcome to Cleo’s Café!

Come visit Cleo’s Café in our new Bunka Centre and see the amazing art piece done by artist Hinode, created just for our café space. Our café is open year-round, so you can make Cleo’s Café your pit stop the next time you are walking the Henderson Park trail.

We have partnered with many local businesses and are happy to provide their products to our guests.  Some of the vendors include Daniel’s Dill Dip, Haskap Cider, Lakeview Bakery and more! Be sure to check out what we have in stock to make your visit extra delicious!

Spend time with your loved ones on the best patio in Lethbridge. We have tables, chairs and umbrellas just outside the café that you can relax under on a hot day! Feel free to use the vast grass space for any fun activities or just appreciate the view of the garden.

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Alyssa’s Tea Corner:

This Month’s Tea: Kagoshima Organic Kukicha from Matsukaze Tea

An amazing first-flush organic kukicha is composed of sencha stems. It has a sweet vegetal aroma with notes of celery, a grassy flavour with hints of wood and a mild astringent finish. It makes a nice cold brewed tea and is great for making your own home-roasted houjicha.”

Another Yutakamidori tea cultivar with its deep green colour and rich flavour. But this time with blends of Yabukita and Asanoka tea cultivars. Cultivated once again in the region of Shimodozono, Kagoshima Prefecture; Yabukita meaning “Yabu” (bamboo grove) and Kita (north) is a cultivar commonly used for producing Sencha. Farmers favour this cultivator due to its ability to thrive in various locations and frost resistance. The last cultivator is called Asanoka meaning ‘asa (morning), and noka (scent) giving out the name “fragrance of the morning”. This cultivar is mainly grown in the parts of Kagoshima and also has a strong cold resistance. Asanoka cultivar contains high amino acids with a sweetened taste and refreshing aroma, leaving us with quite balanced and rich taste of a tea.

As always, Japanese green teas are famous for their exotic taste and rich flavour!

Brewing Instructions:

Hot Tea

Tea: 7g or 1 tbsp

Water: 250-300ml at 80-90°C

Steep: 40-60 seconds

Cold Brewed Tea

Tea: 10g or 1.5 tbsp

Water: 500ml or 2 cups at room temperature

Steep: 2-6 hours in the fridge

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Always a delight to visit the gardens. This year we took part in a Sake Tasting (highly recommend) and enjoyed the festival of lights. There's a great gift shop on site.
TheFoodietravelers V&K
TheFoodietravelers V&K
The winter festival is a nice way to spend 30 minutes of your time. Beautiful lights. If you purchase your tickets at the door you get a cookie and hot chocolate included with your admission price. That is not the same as the online price. It would be nice though if they added a few more places with a little more fires and it would also be nice if you could a full poop. But otherwise a nice little place.
Brenda Impey
Brenda Impey
Japanese Gardens Lethbridge are a delight! The winter lights festival 2024 was enchanting!
Sharalyn Patching
Sharalyn Patching
Beautiful. Loved Loved the theme this year seasons. Seasons in Canada 🇨🇦
Rajesh RJZ
Rajesh RJZ
A good place to visit a light show with family and friends as a relaxed night out. Don't expect big and fancy things. They do provide complimentary drinks and cookies :)
Michael Bruining
Michael Bruining
Went for the light display and it was beautiful. It was an awesome date activity after dinner when it was nice and dark. All the staff were super friendly and helpful.
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