Opening of Winter Light Festival


We wish to thank everyone that came out for our sneak a peek event to open our third annual Winter Light Festival. We kicked the night off with warm sake, great sushi and warm drinks from our concession. 

Special Thanks to our local officials, MLA East Maria Fitzpatrick, Mayor Chris Spearman and Reeve Lorne Hickey. They assisted us with bringing greetings and plaque giving to our Corporate Sponsors.

Special Thanks to Washiyama from Sake Gami Calgary who assisted us with starting the Festival off with cracking a sake barrel from Japan. We believe that with such a great start, the Winter Light Festival for 2018/2019 will be successful. 

Charles Nakashima and family accepted the Title Sponsor Plaque for Sonny and Kim Nakashima. The Nakashima family has sponsored the Winter Light Festival for three years since it first opened. We appreciate the support and we know that the community enjoys the lights including our Mount Fuji.

Please keep an eye on our calendar of events for updates and cancellations of programs and opened nights.

See you at the Garden!!!! 

Posted on:
Saturday, December 01, 2018


Dignitaries Thanking our Corporate Sponsors


City of Lethbridge Cemetaries Team Helped with Light Installation