Mr. Kobayashi Visits Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden


On June 10th we welcomed the Consul-General of Japan Mr. Shigenobu Kobayashi. He and his wife Keiko moved to Calgary earlier this year to represent Japan.

Mr. Kobayashi  greetings can be read by following this link to the Consul-General website.

The Lethbridge & District Japanese Garden Society was honoured to have them tour the Garden and attend our Lethbridge Jazz Concert with Nobuki Takamen and his Trio from New York City. Mr. Kobayashi gave greetings to all the concert guests and introduced himself to Southern Albertans. 

We have invited Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi back to Nikka Yuko to Celebrate our 51st Anniversary. The Consul-General's office was a key part to supporting the Visit from Her Imperial Highness Princess Ayako of Takamado for our 50th Anniversary held last July. 

If you would like to meet Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi, I hope to see you at Nikka Yuko on July 14th at 1:00pm.


Posted on:
Tuesday, June 12, 2018