Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden
Yoga In The Garden - Flow Class

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Admission Rates
Adult: $11
Students & Seniors: $7
10 and under: no charge
Discover Nikka Yuko

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Day
​Toro Nagashi
Sensu (Folding Fan) Decorating
Yukata Dressing
Teru Teru Bozu
Kimono Display
Calligraphy (Shuji)
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Chopstick Lessons
Iaido (Japanese Sword Demonstration)
Taiko Drums (Wadaiko)
Bon Odori Dance

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Discover Nikka Yuko

Kimono Display  

Come explore Nikka Yuko's extensive collection of authentic Japanese Kimonos. The kimono is the formal clothing worn by Japanese during special occasion, such as a weddings or a visit of an honoured guest. The collection is made of the highest quality, often silk and highly detailed embroidary with beautifully dyes. The Kimono has an ancient tradition dating back to the year 794.   

Nikka Yuko's collection has been donated from local Canadian Japanese families.   

  Located on the corner of 9th Avenue South and Mayor Magrath Drive

(Next to Henderson Lake) in Lethbridge, Alberta - Canada

Phone: (403) 328-3511 Fax: (403) 328-0511

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