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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Discover Nikka Yuko


Bonseki is an ancient Japanese art where miniature landscapes of nature are interpreted on black lacquer boards with ground white rock in varying sizes (fine sand to pebble size) used to create different visual perspectives. The word Bonseki literally translates to “tray rocks”. Most of the tools used are typically found or specially made as they cannot be purchased. Some of the tools include fallen feathers, ivory spoons, and miniature brooms.

Bonseki focuses on interpreting beautiful scenes of nature: mountains, waterfalls, the oceans and the like. The landscapes are impermanent, meaning they are only temporary and cannot be preserved. From the rocks placed on the board to the trees and waterfalls, each art piece must have an odd number of everything.

Like Calligraphy, each stroke is one smooth movement. The frame for making Mt. Fuji, for example, should be done in three strokes.

Bonseki is a rare art that is not widely practiced throughout Japan. One of the last remaining Bonseki group is the Tokyo Kuyo-kai.

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