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Saturday, May 05, 2018
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Horticultural Experience

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Horticultural Experience

Experience the serenity and peace of our natural enviroment, as expressed through Japanese Garden architecture and culture. Learn how a Canadian garden was created using Japanese style design, aesthetic and phiolosphical ideas and how they helped shape Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. 

Taking a basic tour of the Garden will give you the main elements of Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. If you are an experienced horticulturalist or just want to learn more about Nikka Yuko in a horticultural way...this is the package for you!

Take an intimate tour with a member of our Garden team. They will show you the landscaping elements, the pruning details of our pines and much more. Let Cody show you his yearly journey looking after Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. 

If you want to know more about the horticultural pieces of the Garden, meet Lyndon Penner. You will be whisked away on a journey taking you around the Garden knowing the types of shrubs and trees and their history. If only the plants could talk at Nikka Yuko.....but Lyndon does the speaking for the trees. Come listen!

These tour guides can be booked independently or with our Sunset Sake Tour or the Nodate Tour. See those tour packages on our website.

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